Is your ‘cheap’ website hurting your business?

I know. You’re probably asking,”How could my website possibly be hurting my business?”

Most people think that having a website is better than not having a website but if your website is not setup to convert properly, it’s probably doing you more harm than good.

There are sooo many ways that a bad website can be affecting your business…

For instance, you might think that your business is in direct competition with another business in town.

This is only true if your website is competitive with theirs.

If they have a nicer website than yours, then you are not competing.

You’re not even on the same level.

What do I mean by nicer?

Funny thing is, aesthetic or appearance is not the only thing that matters.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really big, but it’s not the only thing.

Some of the things that make a website nicer have nothing to do with looks.

Sometimes you have to look deeper.

Simply having a clear and concise call to action can make a site convert a lot better.

Sales copy that speaks to your customer can go along way too.

How much about what you do have you shared with your prospects?

I know it seems like kind of a dumb question, but believe it or not they want to know why you’re in business & why you’re the best choice.

Sharing what you know builds authority with the surfer & the search engines.

If your competitor is blogging and sharing knowledge with prospects (ie. building authority), then their website will convert better & get better search engine traffic… which has nothing to do with looks.

One of the most important things that’s often overlooked is analytics.

How much traffic are you actually getting?

Where does that traffic come from?

And what percentage are taking action on the website?

You simply can’t know the whole story without this.

This is like hiring a salesperson and not having any way to tell if they ever make any sales.

Does that sound like something you would do for your business?

Of course not!

We’re still surprised how many people do this with their website.

Being able to measure performance is how we know what needs to be improved.

This applies to your website just as much as employee performance reviews.

And personally, I would rather pour over website analytics data than give employee performance reviews any day.

Many people fail to consider these things when shopping for a ‘cheap’ website.

Just remember, sometimes it’s not just about what you’re getting…

It might be good to also consider what you’re not getting.